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Warning Tape
Red and white caution tape used in construction,road barricade,and other dangerous places which shou..
Cloth Tape
1)High peel force ,high tensile strength,high viscidity,high-temperature resistant. 2)Anti-pull, an..
Hazard Reflective Warning Tape
Insulation Tape
Masking Tape
-Good adhesive.  -Good flexibility.  -No residual left  -Effective and timely comm..
Measure Tape
-Durable in use -Smooth retraction  -The surface is bright and smooth -Finely processed -Au..
Oil Measuring Tape
Type:Stainless Steel, Black , White. ..
OPP Tape
Adhesive tape with water based acrylic adhesive and high tensile strength ..
Reflective Tape (Silver & Red)
Reflective Tape (Silver)
Reflective Tape (Yellow)
Yellow / Red Reflective Tape